What is Archeotype?

Archeotype is a hyper-personalised tool that helps people navigate to the best versions of themselves.

How does it help?

From a simple and enjoyable process, Archeotype identifies peoples’ strengths, growth areas and challenges, allowing them to work through a process to find the best versions of themselves in whatever way suits them best.

  • The enjoyable process allows people to choose from images instead of asking laborious questions
  • There are 12 archetypes that we draw from to give people insight into themselves
  • The whole process is hyper-personalised, allowing people to choose how they want to move forward, at whatever pace works for them

Investment Opportunity

Archeotype is currently looking for investors to help move this project forward and join us on this journey to transforming the personal development market.

Help Us Test Archeotype

The best way for us to develop Archeotype is to test it out and see in real terms how the product is used. If you would be interested in joining our testing group.