What is Archeotype?

Archeotype is a people development tool that creates powerful awareness at individual, team and organisational levels. Through an innovative and experiential approach, Archeotype enables exploration and growth in performance and potential that translates into results for your organisation.

How can Archeotype help your organisation?

Every organisation regardless of size and complexity has to deal with these types of challenges…

  • Engagement & Communication
  • Conflict & Resilience
  • Productivity & Outputs
  • Change & Transformation
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Competitiveness & Growth
  • Thought Leadership & Strategy
  • Analysis & Investigation
  • Support & Service

I’m sure you can identify with a number of them… The key question is “how are you addressing them?”

Archeotype provides a holistic and alternative perspective to facing into your people and organisational challenges through its unique visual method and process.

Archeotype’s features and benefits

  • A broad range of application – individuals, teams and organisations around areas such as: Leadership and Management, Team Development, Coaching, Change, Culture, Personal Development, and Recruitment.
  • A unique, innovative and experiential approach
  • An authentic depth and clarity around values, beliefs, personality and motives
  • Integration with existing tools, methods and programmes
  • Scalable usage to meet your organisations requirements