A bit about Archetypes

Archetypes can be understood as ‘ancient patterns’ meaning that each person has a personalised set of Archetypes unique to them therefore each person will have a slightly different combination of Archetypes that has and is shaping their personality.

There is an idea that they are inherited and shape and influence the person without them being aware, due to them operating at an unconscious level.

Archetypes can exert both a positive and negative influence on the person which is why raising our awareness of them and how they’re impacting us becomes all the more important.

All Archetypes have what we call a ‘shadow’ side which is that part of our personality we don’t appreciate and that is ‘banished’ into the shadows and often manifests itself in the criticisms we make of other people… as opposed to ourselves.
Archetypes are also dynamic – once you’re away of the patterns in your life you can make more deliberate choices. They also work on a situational level too; reacting and responded to the immediate circumstances you find yourself in.