What is Archeotype?

Archeotype is an interactive and experiential tool designed to help you identify the key Archetypes present within your life and to understand how they influence and shape your personality.

The idea of Archetypes has been around for thousands of years and has been described by great thinkers/philosophers such as Plato as well as through different beliefs systems as practiced by various religions and philosophies.

Archetypes are the ‘psychological DNA’ that shapes and informs our personality (how we think, what we feel, how we perceive things, what we believe, our attitudes, our values etc.).

Carl Jung’s work on psychological types shaped a lot of what we know about modern psychology and within his research he also explored Archetypes and acknowledged that they were relatively under-researched and utilised in practice

Archeotype uses Archetypes as its main system along with other tools and techniques to help you engage in a meaningful, insightful and practical experience.