Why Archeotype?

I originated the concept 5 years ago whilst working as a business coach at Coventry University. I was trying to think of ‘something different from all the other products and services’ that were being offered.

Over the years, I have (and still do) use lots of psychometric tools to help to measure and understand personality in order to enable individuals develop their Emotional Intelligence and to make conscious choices as to what and why they do what they do.

As I reflected on my practice, I started to notice a couple of patterns that often emerged; the first being, regardless of how much you try and stress that the psychometric doesn’t define you but raises your awareness, many individuals still had a habit of labelling themselves and ‘putting themselves in boxes’ which somewhat defeated the objective!

The second being, often individuals’ struggled to harmonise ‘opposite traits or preferences’ when they were both prevalent in their personality e.g. how can I be focused, directive and driven whilst being caring, supportive and helpful?
Lastly, I noticed that many individuals were inquisitive and desired to understand themselves more fully to explore what ‘made them tick’

One of Archeotype’s strengths is that it addresses these challenges in a way that provides more clarity and harmonises them by showing a richer, broader and deeper representation of personality.

Apart from being meaningful and insightful, Archeotype provides a platform for creating action and development plans to help individuals realise their potential and release it into performance.

Archeotype cards


Archeotype was designed and developed by Andrew Hollingsworth who has spent over 20yrs of his career working in HR, Learning & Organisational Development as a consultant and coach.